COVID-19 – the situation from our perspective

Due to the prevailing Corona pandemic of …

… the MICE industry is facing on of the biggest challenges ever. Therefore, we would like to list the most important points regarding the situation in Germany and the precautions the MICE business is

  • As per July 2020 Germany has extremely successful in the first months of having to live with Covid-19.
  • The world-famous German health system really managed the pandemic well and is offering the highest capacities of intensive care beds in Europe.
  • At add on dmc, we have appointed a hygienic supervisor making sure that all measures are taken to make your event a successful and safe one.
  • Careful decision-making is required; therefore, we plan ahead for any eventuality. In addition to planning a high-class program, event or conference, we already think of a Plan B during the conception process, i. e. alternative locations, scenarios, virtual solutions etc.

Some of the measures taken are:

  • Prior to the event – collecting all necessary data (in accordance with the GDPR) to be able to locate all participants before, during and after an event to make sure that information is passed on smoothly.
  • Arrival at the event – all participating guests should be registered and wearing badges in order to make sure that we only have accredited people at the event. Depending on the size of your event we provide arrival slots and do a virtual check-in.
  • At the event: providing enough displays to communicate new rules and expectations. Signage will lead to and during the event.
  • Set Design is adapted – all locations have figured out new seating plans due to reduced capacities to allow 1.5 meters distance between each unrelated party.
  • In case of doubt – we make sure that people not feeling well have an isolated place to wait until the medical service can take care of them.
  • Sanitizing the venue – High-Touch Areas such as Public Areas, Restrooms, Back Offices, Kitchen and Food Areas will be disinfected regularly supervised by our hygienic advisor. Sanitizing stations are found all over the locations.
  • We strongly recommend – to use social media, smartphone apps, Email, push-notifications and websites to remind your guests of health rules.

Interested in learning more? You can find a “Reopening Guide” of our business on the website of the Event Safety Alliance.


Rest assured that all players in our industry are working hard to make sure that your events are held with maximum safety and measures. We are convinced that nothing replaces a real live event. We are all in this together. So, let us make sure we do the best we can.


Ever heard of Bremen?

Did you know that Bremen is one of the hidden gems …

… of Northern Germany. Located in the heart of north-west Germany and home of the famous “Bremen Town Musicians”, Bremen is an innovative, multifaceted city where Hanseatic history, tradition, technology and science come together in perfect harmony.
Bremen’s major assets: A wide range of conference hotels and exceptional venues, 1,200 years of history contrasting with modern worlds of discovery and lots of visitor attractions right in the middle of the city. At aircraft manufacturer Airbus, you will learn about wing production and AIRBUS Defense & Space, visitors will experience how astronauts in space eat, sleep, and shower. A perfect location for an evening is the GOP-Variété. Up to 400 pax can enjoy a private dinner there – with an amazing Variété show included. A compact city where everything is close by, making it a destination of choice for green meetings.


Axel’s favorite place in Frankfurt!

If you are looking for Axel, Managing Director of add on DMC …

… you will most probably find him at the “Main Nizza” Restaurant in Frankfurt. It is perfectly situated on the banks of the river Main where you can relax in a casual atmosphere with a cool drink and good food – overlooking the Nizza-Park.
“You immediately have the impression of being on a short holiday trip”, Axel says.
So maybe you want to join him there?

By the way – the “Main Nizza” is a great place for private and business events for up to 150 people.


Sustainability and environmental awareness

Sustainability and environmental awareness are highly important aspects of our individual and professional

We understand that it is difficult to achieve sustainability at MICE events. Events can cause considerable waste and consume quite a bit of resources, like electricity and water. With the impact events can have on communities that host them as well as on the environment, event planners try to keep impact in mind and increase sustainability efforts at their events. On their way to an event people leave their ecological footprints by using cars and airplanes, by travelling around the country to develop an interesting agenda or they invent huge construction setups for their events. But there are some small things that can done:

  • We always use reusable water bottles in order to avoid plastic garbage.
  • We reuse whatever materials possible and encourage our clients to do the same.
  • We ask our suppliers to use recyclable materials, or we use branded materials that are not event specific – and turn them with little clues into a branded piece.
  • We choose venues that are committed to clean energy.
  • We try going “zero waste”
  • Wherever we work in Germany we try to engage local suppliers when it comes to caterers, artists, hostesses, set design, technical staff etc. in order to avoid unnecessary travelling.

But to be honest, implementing changes to increase sustainability and how “green” your event will be can seem an overwhelming task and will take some time.
There are many ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at events but it is important to not get ahead of yourself. It might take years to properly implement new standards and practices but it doesn’t hurt taking it one step at a time.



The German National Tourism Bureau is making a positive forecast for Incoming Tourism in Germany and has an incredibly positive prognostic …

… of future travels to Germany. According their latest studies, the global travel market will continue to expand in years ahead. Their research shows that Germany’s inbound tourism industry could potentially reach 121.5 million overnight stays – which would mean +80% compared to 2013. Of course, the Covid-19 lockdown has had a huge impact on the travel industry, but as Germany is considered one of the safest countries with the best health care system, we are sure that Germany will be one of the countries where business tourism will be focusing in the future.

You want to know more about Inbound Tourism to Germany, then check out on these 2 interesting studies from the GNTB: