Ever heard of Bremen?

Did you know that Bremen is one of the hidden gems …

… of Northern Germany. Located in the heart of north-west Germany and home of the famous “Bremen Town Musicians”, Bremen is an innovative, multifaceted city where Hanseatic history, tradition, technology and science come together in perfect harmony.
Bremen’s major assets: A wide range of conference hotels and exceptional venues, 1,200 years of history contrasting with modern worlds of discovery and lots of visitor attractions right in the middle of the city. At aircraft manufacturer Airbus, you will learn about wing production and AIRBUS Defense & Space, visitors will experience how astronauts in space eat, sleep, and shower. A perfect location for an evening is the GOP-Variété. Up to 400 pax can enjoy a private dinner there – with an amazing Variété show included. A compact city where everything is close by, making it a destination of choice for green meetings.

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